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Unaxol is the leader in water-based wood coating technology where extremely hard finishes can be achieved rapidly in a low VOC formulation. It is currently being used by the largest brands of furniture worldwide and in some of the most prestigious buildings.

Unaxol can be used effectively and without compromise to replace traditional solvent-based wood lacquers. Unaxol IS the solution to eco-friendly wood coatings!


Unaxol's Team

Silkflex Polymers Sdn Bhd was formed 20 years ago to develop and manufacture environment friendly coatings that are unique to the world. We envisioned our company to eventually design, formulate and produce water-based and eco friendly coatings for all major industries in order to bridge the gap between technology and application; where innovative products are developed to supersede and improve upon oil-based technologies.


Dr. Eric Tan Hock Lye (Ph.D. Chemistry)


An internationally well published and multiple patent holder member of the American Chemical Society. Well recognized worldwide in the fields of polymer and coating chemistry.


Mr. Thian Own Chin (B.Sc. Chemistry)


Highly experienced and former consultant to international coating companies. Developed and formulated paints which are best sellers worldwide.

Unaxol IS the solution to eco-friendly wood coatings!


Mile Stones in R&D

Introduction of a new core / shell polymerization system which has enabled the creation of extremely hard, fast drying and scratch resistant transparent coating.



The requirements for a sustainable world involves the realization of real world technologies which are independent of traditional oil-based technologies that are normally toxic. These solutions must not be merely theoretical in nature but should be applicable in the form of tangible products.

Silkflex provides the bridge between theory and application where chemistries are developed and tailor-made to provide actual solutions to the replacement of harmful chemicals.

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